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Working for YOU! Vote Del Toro for City Council November 5th!

4 years ago, some said we didn’t have a rising crime problem. We were told it was only a perception despite record numbers of shots fired cases and murders in our community.
Your voices, and your votes said otherwise.

Some believed citizens were merely spectators at city council meetings there to observe only not to be active participants.
Your voices and your vote reminded us who council members truly represent.

Some said we didn’t have a spending and debt issue despite 2 back to back credit rating downgrades.  Your voices and your votes said otherwise.

When some doubted that a challenger could possibly unseat a 3-term council member, your voices and your votes proved otherwise!

And that ladies and gentlemen is how change happens. One person. One vote. One election at a time.

My name is Councilman Luis Del Toro and I ask for your support once again as I seek re-election for a second term!

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